We cultivate a new Love for the Land

Pulicaro is an authentic Agriturismo, where you will find a comfortable accommodation in an a rural house on a real farm.
Pulicaro is thus a delightful place to stay, where you will be able to experience and learn more about organic farming, lead in a natural, conscious way :

  • Free Range and grass-fed organic breeding : we breed animals, basically free-range, such as chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese, pigs, sheep, goats and rabbits; 
  • Old varieties orchards : our Olive Orchard includes local variety trees adapted to the plateau climate, while our Fruit Orchard is filled with trees that ripen progressively and are more resistant to diseases and parasites; 
  • An organic vegetable garden, which generates only seasonal produce without harsh chemicals. 

The reason why we decided to recover this abandoned farm and restore its house was in order to combine farming and hosting in the most ecological way, without negatively impacting the environment. Agricultural production is carried out with total respect for environmental balance, following the seasonal rhythms, without pesticides or antibiotics.

One of our goals is to share our point of view and teach guests (children and adults!) about farm life.
Marco will gladly introduce you to all the animals and plants that surround our farm, allowing you to experience the typical countryside lifestyle and activities.

You have the opportunity to bring back home unforgettable memories, such as witnessing the birth of baby chicks and ducks, harvesting olives in the fall, collecting eggs, and preparing fresh pasta. Joining us even for a short stay “a weekend at Pulicaro Farm” is a great chance, not only for children to visit a working sustainable animal farm, but mostly for their parents to learn more about ethical choices beyond that, conscious food consumption, and appreciating this philosophy with the final tasting of these high quality ingredients in the dishes we serve at our restaurant.

If you mean to learn more about our
sustainable, organic lifestyle and farm, share in our customized “Farm to Table educational programs”.